Posted by Rebecca Schultz on Oct 01, 2018
I hope everyone had a good time on Thursday night.  John and I enjoyed our time networking and learning at the Zone Institute in Erie, PA last week.  John will tell us all about that next week (October 11).
TODAY I am so excited to have our AED Scavenger Hunt.  We will meet at the visitor center at 6 pm this evening.  We will review how to use the app and talk about the use of AEDs before we search the community to locate them.  After we do our hunting around the area of Mt Vernon and Lisbon we will meet at Pizza Palace for dinner.  If you have not signed up yet, please check out the email that was sent regarding signing up or visit the event link in this message.
On Thursday we will hear from Leigh Ann Erickson regarding the White Privilege Symposium that was held at Coe College last month.
See you tomorrow...and Thursday!